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The path to the Iron Bridge Icehouse began with a group of guys who love beer. Their boys played high school baseball together and they bonded over IPAs and stats. The boys eventually graduated and went off to college, but the dads still got together, enjoying each other’s company…and of course, some cold beers. Then one of them got very sick, and they all knew they had a limited amount of time left together. Another had the brilliant idea that they should actually brew beer together, and they started boiling hops on a propane-powered burner in the backyard. And then they bottled it. And they shared it with family and more friends at fundraising events – and people really liked it!

These triumphs did not come without tribulations, and we miss our friends Alastair and Dan very much. We honor them in every beer that is made, and raise a toast to them in Heaven!  The Iron Bridge Icehouse was inspired by these friends and is dedicated to friends who like beer and are always there for each other.

We would love to have you visit us in our little corner of the world, nestled beside the Colorado river where good vibes are always on tap.


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